El Restaurante

A space with 3 different locations: bar,
restaurant and rooftop.

Our most iconic spot.

A space with 3 different locations: bar, restaurant and rooftop.

Designed to offer the best gastronomic experience in an

incomparable spot.

A unique and balanced gastronomu that travels through the different cultures bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. 

Our menu features traditional recipes that have been reinvented with a modern twist, revitalising the cuisine as it has always been.

A menu which places emphasis on product-based cuisine, traditional dishes, nods to fusion cuisine and more modern and original recipes.

Chef Nazario Cano is known for his respect for the products, his creativity and his curiosity.

An opportunity to enjoy yourself in all senses. 


A spectacular space for you to witness in real time how our chef team

prepares every order before your very eyes.

The right place to enjoy a gastronomic offer based on the excellent

local products with a wide selection of more than a hundred dishes, small nibbles and

homemade desserts.

An exquisite choice of flavours designed for food lovers.


The outdoor area of our restaurant is just an oasis in the middle of the city,

a place where flora and water are omnipresent throughout the entire area,

a natural environment where there is no lack of detail.

Mediterranean vegetation comes together in perfect harmony with the avant-garde and

meticulous decoration of each of its corners. Break away from the city and enter our private oasis

of emotions.


Monday to Sunday

Lunch hours
From 1:30 pm to 4 pm

Dinner hours
From 8:30 pm to 11 pm