We embrace the cuisine of the Mediterranean, a unique and balanced gastronomy that travels through the different cultures, all on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. We introduce you to reinvented historical recipes, updating the timeless.


Your sensory experience begins at our spectacular chef’s table bar, a space where you can see how our team of chefs prepares each order, while a DJ entertains diners.

Plants and the sea are themes on display on the kitchen walls, and also in our booths with fantasy themes, immersing diners in a seascape.

This is a place where you can enjoy a gastronomic offer based on excellent local produce, with a wide repertoire of more than a hundred dishes, snacks and home-made desserts. An exquisite selection of flavours designed for lovers of cuisine.


In our outdoor space, you can immerse yourself in an oasis in the middle of the city, where greenery and water are omnipresent elements throughout the entire space. You will travel to a tropical environment where there is no lack of detail.

Mediterranean plants work in perfect harmony with the meticulous avant-garde décor of the entire space.

Two terraces where you can enjoy the characteristic subtropical climate of our region, its sunrises and sunsets with spectacular views while listening to the live DJ session in the background.

In both spaces, we provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and cocktails.

Disconnect from the city and enter our oasis of thrills to connect with yourself.


On the second floor of ODISEO, you will find our most foodie space. A space with 3 different ‘feels’, bar, restaurant and terrace, designed to give free rein to your senses.

Mermaid tails welcome us to this space with a purely Mediterranean décor, where sound and lighting make atmosphere one of the most important ingredients at ODISEO.


Terrace hours From 9:00 to 23:00
Lunch time From 9:00 to 23:00
Dinner hours From 13:00 to 15:45
From 20:00 to 21:30