We have emerged from our need to rediscover ourselves and tell our own story.

We represent a Mediterranean-inspired journey that blends culture, legends and influences from the Greeks, the Phoenicians and the Romans. A fun, foodie leisure complex, with a black and white rabbit as its mascot, designed to transport you from one experience to another through your senses.

Our iconic building, inspired by the Parthenon in Athens, will take you on an adventure between past and present. A true odyssey of sensations through our different spaces, with live performances, haute cuisine and games, all breathing life into a history of fusion.

Inspired by the Odyssey, our spectacular complex is surrounded by greenery and water, thus being an oasis that rises in the middle of the city. More than a gift, it’s a complete experience.

Enjoy an epic journey with us, starting underground. Visit our secret Red Room and discover the magic of clandestine venues of the 70s. Immerse yourself in our Dinner Show and experience the symbiosis between reality and fiction through theatre. Taste the greatest pleasures of culinary art in our 3 restaurants.

You create your own history at ODISEO