La Olímpica

OFFERS CONNECTION ... Connecting means being in tune with what's around you, with what's happens in the "now". At ODISEO, you'll discover a synergy of feelings that will immerse you in harmony and beauty, a holistic environment where you can enjoy the largest cantilevered pool in Europe. 42 metres long, with 20 metres cantilevered on each side of its structure. Its design, at 30 metres up, will draw you in, despite its counter-intuitive appearance!


No surprises here for your interest and curiosity – it’ll be impossible not to feel something in the face of this temptation.

Our terrace creates a powerful ecosystem where exclusive and original events can be held, inspiring timeless joy that we can never forget. La Olímpica offers us a life allowing us to imagine transcending the ordinary.

The concept is to provide you with a space to hold your corporate events, product presentations, photo shoots and so on, and bring your best ideas to life. A place to impressively yet comfortably bring moments and wishes to life/ Our efforts and daily challenges are based on your ideas.

We have quite specific resources, never depleted, so get out of your rut and trust us to build our commitment to creating memorable and lasting encounters.