Odiseo: A show-stopping entertainment centre where the show rules


Welcome to the website of the largest leisure centre in Murcia, a space where tradition and modernity come together to offer you a journey full of excitement and sensations like you have never experienced before.

Visiting Odiseo is synonym of show, fun and pleasure. Here you will find what you long for and you will be able to recall our most ancient values from an updated and personalised experience. Fifteen thousand square metres where you can lose yourself and find yourself, where you can look for what you really want and feel unique.

Let us take you on this adventure through your senses. Rediscover the pleasure of gastronomy with our restaurant and enjoy as you have never done before in the Bar Rojo. Feel an unmistakable blend of elegance and modernity and rescue the classic Mediterranean feeling from a new perspective. Stimulate your senses through our menu and let yourself be intoxicated by the aroma and aesthetics that we offer you.

And don’t forget, if you want a meeting with glamour, magic and feelings, maybe you need to experience our Dinner Show. The artistic space where hearts are given free rein and fly over a stage to live an extrasensory experience. Enjoy the food and the show. Here you are the master of ceremonies, feel the ubiquity in a space where dinner and party merge to create unforgettable moments.

Visit our events area to keep up to date and be the first to discover the new experiences we have prepared for you. Enjoy until dawn, live your dreams with full awareness, dance, play, have fun and treasure good times in our most daring and exciting rooms.

Odiseo is not just a simple place to have fun, we go much further to make your experience in our leisure centre a real treat for the senses.

We were created for you and are who we are because of you! Dare to discover us.