Terms and conditions – Giveaway limited edition T-Shirt by I´m F**king Lucky


I’m Fking Lucky limited edition t-shirt giveaway, 3 winners will be lucky enough to own two limited edition t-shirts per winner. Only 10 will be released and the only way to get them is through this giveaway. Feeling lucky? PARTICIPATE

This giveaway: “I’m F**king Luckyes limited edition t-shirt giveaway” is organised by Odiseo, through its Instagram profile.

By entering the giveaway, participants accept the terms and conditions of the giveaway as described in these rules. Any violation or breach of these terms and conditions or the procedures or systems established by Odiseo for the implementation of this Giveaway will result in the immediate cancellation of participation in the giveaway.

Legal Terms and Conditions – Giveaway: Valentine’s Day

  1. Acceptance of the terms and conditions:
    Persons who participate in this giveaway “I’m F**king Luckyes limited edition t-shirt giveaway” by their sole participation, fully accept each and every one of the provisions described in these terms and conditions. Participating in this giveaway does not imply any commitment to purchase any of our products.
  2. Object of the giveaway:
    The giveaway: “I’m F**king Luckyes limited edition t-shirt giveaway” is for the purpose of promoting Odiseo through the social network Instagram, which in no way sponsors, endorses or administers this promotion, nor is it associated with it.

The prize consists of: 3 winners will be lucky enough to own two limited edition t-shirts per person.

  1. Entrants.
    The giveaway is open to residents of Spain over the age of 18.
  2. Duration of the giveaway:
    The participation period in the giveaway will begin on Friday 25-06-2021 and will end on 25-07-2021 at 5 pm (peninsular time), the closing date and time.

The results of the giveaway will be communicated on the RRSS (Social Network) page on 25-07-2021 and the collection will be made at Odiseo on presenting a valid ID card, within a maximum period of 1 month from the date of resolution of the giveaway, due to the exclusivity of the article.

  1. Giveaway mechanics:
    To participate in the Giveaway, interested parties must comment on the publication in which the giveaway is announced and mention a friend. The winner will be drawn live via the simpliers application or any similar application.
  2. The prize.
    The prize consists of: 3 winners will be lucky enough to own two limited edition t-shirts per person. Only 6 will be released and the only way to get them is through this giveaway.
  3. Celebration of the giveaway and selection of the winners.
    The giveaway will take place on 25th of July 2021.

The comment that randomly appears in simpliers and meets the requirements of following the Odiseo account, mentioning a person and having “liked” the publication, will be the winner of the giveaway. This procedure will be done 3 times to get 3 winners.

Odiseo will notify the result of the giveaway to the winners within 24 hours. This notification will be made via private message on Instagram or via the email address provided by the winner via direct message. The name of the winner will then be published on Instagram.

The winner, within 24 hours of receiving the private message mentioned in the previous paragraph, must provide a full name, ID number and contact telephone number.

In the event of not receiving a reply from the winner or if it is not possible to contact the winner within 24 hours, Odiseo reserves the right to declare the prize void or to choose a second winner from the second prize.

If for any reason beyond the (company’s) control it is not possible to locate any of the winners, through the contact details provided by the winner, or due to the absence of the recipient or refusal of the shipment within a period of one month, it will be understood that the winner renounces the prize and will lose his/her right to claim it.

  1. Cancellation, modification or suspension.
    The Giveaway will be valid throughout Spanish territory. When circumstances beyond the control of and not attributable to Odiseo (company) and not foreseen in these terms and conditions justify it, the promotion and/or the awarding of the prize may be cancelled, suspended or modified. This circumstance must be notified through the social networks.
  2. Instagram’s responsibility:
    In accordance with the provisions of the promotion policies in force for Instagram, it should be noted that:
  3. Instagram does not sponsor, endorse or administer this promotion in any way, nor is it associated with it.
  4. The information provided by entrants as part of this promotion will be handled exclusively by Odiseo(company) (not Instagram), as set out in the “privacy and data protection” section below.
  5. Privacy and data protection.
    The winners, by accepting these rules, expressly authorise Odiseo (company) to transfer their personal data (including image) for the sole purpose of carrying out the promotional activities it deems appropriate, using and disseminating the winner’s data (name, photograph of the winner on the website or any other means of communication or advertising, as well as on Odiseo’s social networks) for these purposes, without being obliged to make any payment, compensation or economic compensation for this.

Odiseo informs the participants of the giveaway that the personal data provided voluntarily to participate in the giveaway and facilitate the delivery of the prizes will be included in an electronic database owned by Odiseo included in an automated file that is legally registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Odiseo may transfer the personal data collected as part of this giveaway to other companies in the group for advertising and commercial prospecting purposes, as well as sending commercial communications by e-mail. The exercise of the rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation, regulated in the Organic Law on Personal Data Protection.

  1. Responsibility.
  • Odiseo shall not be liable for any consequences that may arise or be caused by problems in the transmission of data, in communications or of any other nature, due to the receipt of illegible forms or forms containing incomplete data or which do not comply with these terms and conditions. They will be directly excluded from participation in the giveaway.
  • Participants are responsible for the accuracy of the content of all data and documents sent to Odiseo.
  • The winners expressly exempt Odiseo and the other companies of the group from any liability for any damage or loss incurred as a result of the use of the prize.