What is Odiseo?


What is Odiseo: concept and branding
Odiseo is a legendary Greek mythological hero. Also known as Ulysses, he is characterised in the Homeric poems for his brilliance, astuteness and the versatility of his character. He is capable of great deeds and strongly represents an entire age.

Odiseo is an epicentre of gastronomy, leisure, casino, as well as a cultural and architectural icon. A centre capable of hosting a wide range of activities in the Region of Murcia, open to the world with a Mediterranean style that presents a geographical area with thousands of years of history and development.

Odiseo itself is an adventure. It will become a new way of creating tourism for our Region, play and entertainment. A place that aims to offer an amazing way to create emotions for you to enjoy in every visit.

The working process consists essentially of reinvention. The philosophy of Odiseo is that everything is up for reinvention. Creativity generates a surprise in the audience. To surprise is a very old art. It’s about being creative and creating.

We create a magical way of talking to the public that is different and personal. Our strategy is in our own way of telling things. The whole idea behind Odiseo is to create a very big set. The entertainment links Odiseo with the adventure of the experience in the big audience.

Our locations differ in their way of being and doing things, presenting a unique way of talking. It is a story with many chapters that will leave its mark on the Mediterranean arc…

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