At ODISEO, we use elegance and sophistication to create a stylish space, which embraces the essence and culture of a lost icon.

Sharpen all your senses to enter an incredible sensory experience through time and space, in which a majestic and graceful grand piano will wrap you in its beautiful melody while you enjoy a romantic dinner in our Japanese cuisine bar area. Enjoy Japanese-Peruvian fusion food, which means a very versatile menu with an explosion of flavours.

A romantic concept, where acoustics and careful lighting meet sensuality and gastronomy for a night that, we assure you, will be unmatched.

We want you to experience the red hot sensation of passions, fire and the existential – your experience is why we are here and why we do what we do. We embrace red of flame and hearth, because they set us alight and consume us.

The natural quality of the space means we can create an exciting reaction to this magical and engaging world.

Let yourself be carried away by sensations, our music and craftsmanship, this will be the lodestone for your senses.